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Memorial Day Ceremony May 30

Join the City of Milton for our ninth annual Memorial Day Ceremony, scheduled for Monday, May 30 at 10 a.m. at Freedom Park, 13200 Deerfield Parkway (click here for directions). A fundraiser breakfast will be served by Boy Scouts starting at 9 a.m. 

This year's ceremony features local veterans, the City of Milton Fire Department Color Guard, Lieutenant General James R. Helmly, USA (ret) as the ceremony's featured speaker, and much more.

The ceremony will conclude with a roll call of local veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Their friends and families are then invited to reflect upon the markers created to remember their legacy and placed along Deerfield Parkway and in Crabapple by Councilman Bill Lusk with the non-profit Milton Memorial Markers for Veterans.

Please start your Memorial Day by joining the City of Milton in remembering those who have served the cause of freedom to their last breath.  



273 Salathiel Adams Civil War

446 Kenneth "Pete" Adams WWII

134 Harry Alexander WWII

194 Daniel R. Allen, Sr. Korea

456 John L. Allen, Jr WWII

43 Myron Allen WWII

31 Roger J. Allen, Sr. WWII

10 Ernest W. Allgood WW I

8 James L. Allgood WWII

7 John A. Allgood WWII

447 Vernon Andersen WWII

27 Paul E. Angel WWII

152 Leroy Anheuser WWII, Korea

320 Gustav T. Antonson WWII

233 John W. Appling WWII

234 Clifford D.C. Ariail, Sr. WWII

46 Charles T. Arons WWII

390 Jesse J. Arrington WWII, Korea

274 Albert L. Askea WWII

350 Maurice L. Auclair WWII

201 Salvatore Autolino Korea

251 George W. Baker WWII

352 Paul J. Baker Vietnam

351 William J. Baker WWII

457 Robert J. Ballweg WWII, Korea

275 George Walter Baranowski WWII

146 John Della Bartolema WWI

321 John Joseph Bauerlin WWII

153 Fred Beard WWII

202 Joseph Roderick Beard WWII

414 James Donald Beatty WWII

180 George Bentley WWII

415 Melvin Berg Korea, Vietnam

103 Frederick Bickert Korea

182 J. C. Bigelow WWI

181 Noah Bigelow Revolutionary

458 William V. Bisceglie WWII

6 James Bloor WWII

353 Christos C. Bogiages, Jr Vietnam

106 Robert Bolton WWII

322 John P. Bott WWII

459 Joseph Montre Bourgeois Korea

393 Eugene Boyd WWI

203 Albert E. Boyle Korea

389 Maurice Joseph Boyle WWI, WWII

354 John Harper Brady WWII

17 James Boyd Brown WWII

91 Florian Sgt. Brachmann WWII

179 Berwin Royal Bradley

276 Morris M. Bradley Korea

204 John H. Brady WWII

101 W. C. Brandon WWII

460 James E. Brannon Korea

461 Daniel A. Breard Korea, Vietnam

416 Anthony Brigandi WWII

355 Robert P. Brock

394 James C. Brown WWII, Korea, Vietnam

178 William Robert Brown

264 James E. Brennan WWII

235 Nathan Bruckenthal Iraq 2004

84 Kendall C. Bryson WWII

392 Thomas L. Burdett, Jr WWII

58 Joel Jordan Burgess Civil War

124 Whalen J. Burke WWII

222 Bill L. Busby WWII

385 Joseph Louis Butel WWII

462 Eugene E. Butler Korea

417 Edward Caesar

438 Charles M. Cain

19 Homer M. Cagle, Jr WWII

356 Johnny Lee Calhoun Vietnam

120 Joseph Amon Calhoun WWII

357 Michael Curtis Calhoun Vietnam

277 Michael S. Carbonare Desert Storm

113 Eddie Carnes WWII

129 Allyn Thomas Carroll WWII

378 Anthony J. Carucci Korea

323 Timothy J. Casey, Jr WWII

324 Timothy J. Casey III Vietnam

28 Lewis O. Castleberry WWII

138 James Earl Cato WWII

57 Walton Cavanaugh WWII

313 Violet Dureell Cazin WWII

463 E. Mark Cederquist Vietnam

418 Giovanni Cerza WWII

144 Joseph Chap WWII

278 Charles E. Chester WWII

139 William R. Chrimes, Jr Vietnam

358 Donald Roger Christ Korea

186 James Christie Revolutionary

94 Matthew F. Ciszek WWII

267 James Lee Clark

279 Ken Clark

136 Emmett W. Coalson, Sr. WWII

137 John Leon Coalson, Sr. WWII

138 Melvin B. Coalson, Sr. WWII

195 Wallace A. Cobb WWII, Korea, Vietnam

57 Rev. Elias Cochran Civil War

99 Jack C. Cmdr. Coggins WWII, Korea, Vietnam

139 Henry J. Coker WWII

175 Dominick Colati WWII

419 Arthur Presby Cloburn WWII

336 Ralph Lamar Coleman WWII

359 Luis A. Colon Vietnam

5 W. "Bill" M. Combs WWII

349 A. Harry Conrad Korea

420 Charner F. Cook WWII, Korea

185 Alvin L. Coppinger Desert Storm

280 Lenward Lee Corley, Sr. WWII

266 George E. Cornell WWII

440 Gordon M. Cowart WWII

311 J. Weyman Cox Korea

282 Billy H. Coyle WWII

151 William W. Creacy WWII

337 John F. Creamer 1812

338 Richard L. Creamer WWII

272 Thomas B. Cregge WWII

395 Jack Crenshaw WWII

330 Jack Cross Korea

250 Joel Daly WWII

448 George Damro WWII

442 William M. Daniel, Sr. WWII

231 Jabe G. Danielson WWI, WWII

205 William J. Danielson, Sr. WWI

206 William J. Danielson, Jr WWI I

44 Lawrence J. Darby WWII

314 David Nathan Daviadoff WWII

379 Nicholas P. Davino Korea

396 John Robert Davis WWII, Korea

56 Roger J. Davis Vietnam

464 William Leonard Davis WWII

397 Oran Dawson WWII

449 Robert Lough Dawson WWII

68 Merrill Walker Delbeck

232 William A. Dempsey WWII

283 Ernest M. Derk WWII

284 Anthony DeRosa WWII

339 George L. Dickerson WWII

465 Ramon Peter Diego Korea

384 Owen M. Dieterle WWII

55 Bob Dillon Vietnam

380 Walter D. Dimsdale WWII

466 C. R. Dixon WWII

133 Carlos M. Dockery Vietnam

244 Annie Beth Dodelin WWII

65 Richard Dodelin WWII

257 Arthur J. Doerler WWII

340 Richard Doerler WWII

398 Wellington I. Dowden, Jr WWII

78 Rolland Ebright WWII

360 Freddy Edmondson Vietnam

383 Thomas M. Elliott WWII

268 Allan O. Emroe WWII

87 Harvey Enloe III

421 John Faber WWII

422 Theodore A. Faber WWII Korea

391 William Faries Del. Militia

467 Richard Claiborne Farmer, Jr Vietnam

64 John M. Farris WWII

63 Obanion B. Farris WW I

325 Thomas M. Ferran WWII

468 John S. Ferebee WWII,Korea

469 Stuart Malcolm Ferguson WWII

148 Roger A. Festa Vietnam

32 Lyonel Fitzner WWII

386 Jack W. Fletcher WWII

85 Edward A. Flickner, Jr WWII

18 Albert D.C. Flynn WWII

312 Robert Daniel Foley WWII

230 Wallace M. Ford WWII, Korea, Vietnam

11 Jack Fowlie WWII

341 Charles R. Franzen WWII

315 Francis H. Fricks Korea

269 Kurt L. Fricton WWII

107 Thomas W. Fuqua, Sr. WWII

361 Charles C. Gaither, Sr. WWII

331 J. R. Galland Korea, Vietnam

245 Bayne Knox Garner WWII

196 Thomas G. Garth Korea

470 Wilfredo Gavilan Vietnam

261 Ernest J. Gilbert WWII

97 R. E. Mike Gilbert WWII

399 Lewis Chapman Gillett, Jr Vietnam

157 Mack L. Glover

236 William W. Goozee WWII

25 Sybil A. Grant WWII

174 Felton I. Graves Korea

47 Jackson Gray WWII

95 Ted Green Korea

207 Jack K. Guess WWII

248 Ralph E. Guest Vietnam

61 Robert A. Hamilton, Jr WWII

471 Wayne Hampton Korea

130 Mark S. Hailey Vietnam

423 Jerry Hanjian WWII, Korea, Vietnam

443 Hunter H. Hanks WWII

48 John R. Hanley, Jr WWII

208 Oliver L. Hardy

209 Peter Hardley, Jr

450 Curtis Leroy Hare WWII

451 Darrell Hare

472 Dennis R. Harper Korea

66 William Harris WWII

125 George A. Harrison WWII

342 Richard Harry Revolutionary

473 Jack D. Hemingway WWII

256 Robert L Hemphill  Vietnam

29 Lemuel Henderson WW I

45 John Henderson, Jr WWII

92 Valeriano N. Hernandez WWII

224 George Heuer WWII

210 Ernest E. Hill Korea

424 Jacob Hilpertshauser Korea

335 Hans F. Hingst Korea, Vietnam

343 Glen T. Hobby

192 Robert Holland WWII, Korea, Vietnam

425 Anthony Homcy

249 Bennie L. House WWII

69 John Houser Vietnam

30 Michael A. Howard Vietnam

400 Leon Hughes WWII

141 Gordon M. Hunter WWII

126 John A. Igneri WWII

252 Hugh Robert Immel Korea

67 Edward Ingram WWII

326 Andrew Jackson Irvin WWII

132 Luther C. James WWII

319 Wayne B. James WWII, Korea

173 Melvin Louis Janele WWII

426 Hugh E. Jeffery WWII

237 Kirk M. Jenkins Vietnam

123 Ralph Jewell WWII

98 James O. Johnson Korea

253 John D. Johnson WWII

387 George F. Johnston WWII

172 Stanley Wayne Julian WWII

363 Francis P. Kassab WWII

474 Howard C. Kauffmann WWII

285 Douglas W. Kearney WWII

475 Mary F. Kearney WWII

427 William H. Kearney WWII

364 Wayne G. Kelley Vietnam

401 Van P. Kemp Korea, Vietnam

286 Thomas James Kilkenny WWII

228 Robert, Sr. Kipp WWII

127 Jack Oma Kisner Korea

128 Mary N. Kisner Korea

197 Albert Klein, Sr. WWI

198 Albert Klein, Jr WWII

476 Robert M. Knight WWI

171 Gaylor Kollin Korea

211 Bruce F. Kolofske Vietnam

287 John J. Kondratowicz WWII

221 Stanley Koszick WWII

288 Edward M. Kuhar WWII

289 Frank J. Kuhar WWII

290 Joseph A. Kuhar WWII

219 George P. Kunz WWII

291 Joseph Fred Lambert WWII

332 William E. Lamp'l WWII

193 Julius, Jr D. Large WWII

1 Arline L. Lattural WWII

477 James T. Lauckner Vietnam

60 Robert P. Lawson Vietnam

365 Edmond C. Lee WWII

428 Elgin "Gene' Ledet WWII

402 Allen Leonard Vietnam

403 Charles A. Leonard WWII

89 Eddie Ray Light Vietnam

62 Frederick Ray Lilly WWII

70 Jack Lindon WWII

2 Jack S. Lipscomb WWII

429 John W. Lipscomb, Jr WWII

9 Sam B. Little WWII

53 Michael Lively Vietnam

154 John Lohin WWII

292 Ernest E. Loner, Jr WWII

293 Morris Loner WWII

478 Thomas Loner Vietnam

366 Vito Lopin WWII

327 John L. Lundberg WWII

21 Arthur H. Lusk WWII

223 Elmer F. Lusk WWII

22 Franklin P. Lusk WWII

23 Irving F. Lusk WWII

24 Sidney T. Lusk Cold War

344 Joseph K. Lynch WWII

77 George Maddox WWII

479 John Mandula, Jr WWII

242 Arthur S. Mann Korea

480 John P. Marasovich WWII, Korea

191 Paul A. Marasovich Korea

227 "Ace" Martin Merchant WWII

367 David Martin WWII

368 Kenneth W. Martin Vietnam

59 J. T. Mashburn WWII

369 Wilbur S. Mason WWII

169 Clyde Mayse WWII

170 Frederick McCoid Vietnam

294 Edward Ford McClellan WWII

430 H. G. McCleskey Korea

265 Matthew S. McCloy Iraq

71 David B. McClure WWII

102 Wade McCurry, Jr WWII

88 Ralph Howard McDavid WWII

4 Bill McDonald WWII, Korea, Vietnam

109 Norman Douglas McGowen Vietnam

220 Frank F. Mento Korea

431 Gene Meyer WWII

295 Mike Milecki WWI

187 Jesse Miles, Sr. Revolutionary

188 Jesse Miles, Jr 1812

296 Charles E. Miller WWII

80 William R. Miller, Jr WWII, Korea, Vietnam

100 Fay W. Mills WWII

149 Houston Minton WWII

346 Ralph C. Mitchell, III

168 Jesse Sinclair Montford Civil War

270 Charles Robert Morgan Vietnam

37 John D. Morris WWII

212 Arlan J. Mueller Korea

333 Joseph E. Muir Vietnam

370 Clifton H. Murrell Korea

118 Claude Jackson Mulkey WWII

131 Edward J. Muller WWII

297 John Joseph Mulroy WWII

328 Russell Munisteri WWII

51 James E. Murphy WWII

441 Walter B. Murphy, Jr WWII

481 John James Navratil Korea

26 Cisero C. Nix WWII

41 William A. Nix WWII

381 Ernesto Ambrose Noviello WWII

329 Dimas Nunez

371 William F. O'Connor, Jr WWII

432 Raymond J. O'Leary WWII

140 Herman Hugh O'Neal WWII

298 Donald E. Pancher Korea

299 Eugene H. Pancher WWII

81 Richard H. Parker

167 Kendall L. Parkhouse Vietnam

263 Gordon R. Parks WW I

372 Ralph Pastor, Gen. WWII

3 William H. Patrick WWII

183 George A. Paull WWII

213 W. W. Payton, Sr. WWII

452 Joan G. Pekulik Vietnam

300 Wesley Peltier Korea

20 Claude Troy Pendley Korea

334 Paul Penkoski WWII

38 David J. Peterson WWII

444 Michael George Petros WWII

373 Oscar Equilla Phillips WWII

79 William L. Pierce WWII

83 Noel Charles Pinchaud

404 John Henry Pinckney WWII

238 Charles T. Pinyan WWII

383 Giovanni Porcelli WWII

453 James Powell WWII

145 Matthie L. Purcell WWII, Korea, Vietnam

301 Cookie Quintana WWII

165 Gordon T. Randall WWII, Korea

166 Katherine S. Randall Korea

454 Donald L. Ray USMC

90 Col. John Reagan WWII

433 Alton B. Reddick, Jr WWII

405 Kenneth Rexrode Vietnam

434 John W. Richmond Korea

143 Ronald W. Ringwall Vietnam

163 Jesse Miles Roberts Civil War

164 Jesse Porter Roberts Korea

246 Walter Franklin Robinson

482 Raymond Francis Roddy Korea

348 Mary E. Rogers WWII

75 Thomas Rogers Civil War

302 William H. Rogers WWII

214 Billie C. Roland WWII

262 Debra C. Rondem Cold War

155 Alvin Haymon Rorrer Korea

374 Robert L. Rosenstrater, Jr Korea

73 Henry A. Rucker Vietnam

39 Horace W. Rucker WWII

445 Robert Rumble WWII

33 John H. Rump Korea

347 Verlin William Rutlind Korea

303 Donald Ryan Korea, Vietnam

35 Francis J. Ryan WWII, Korea

147 John Soldavini, Jr WWII

108 Franklin A. Sallusti WWII

406 Robert Schenebeck WWII

190 John Carl Schmidt Korea

105 Marcus H. Schmidt WWII, Korea

483 Norman Schulman WWII

304 Donald Schultz

121 O. Wendell Schulz WWII

119 Henry Gordon Sharpton WWII

484 Leo Shea WWII

184 Ivey Shepard Korea, Vietnam

150 Edward Shields WWII

240 John L. Shields WWII

305 Carroll Shirley

375 C. W. Shisler-General WWII

316 Leroy Glenn Siegfried WWII

226 Francis W. Seipel WWII

215 George R. Simon WWII

407 Glenn E. Singleton WWII

377 Wayne H. "Scooter" Smith Iraq

161 Ann Eliz. Williams Smith WWII

485 Leroy Edward Smith Korea

162 Ralph Emerson Smith WWII

247 Samuel H. Smith WWII

199 Samuel Robert Smitty WWI

112 Ernest Spinks WWII, Korea, Vietnam

111 Glenn Spinks WWII

110 Jonnie Spinks WWII

486 Richard J. Springer WWII

16 Odis Wilson Shivers WWII, Korea, Vietnam

306 Melford L. Stenoien WWII

158 Robert E. Stoffel, Sr. WWII

376 John William Strange WWII

258 Charles Stubbs

200 Richard F. Sutter  Vietnam

317 James B. Swain, Sr. WWI

318 James B. Swain, Jr WWII

52 Robert E. Tart Korea

487 Charles Mason Tatum WWII

435 Henson Tatum WWI

436 Robley Henson Tatum WWII

243 Harvey M. Teagle, Jr WWII  Vietnam Korea

488 Thomas J. Tellekson WWII

408 Huron Seville Thaxton WWII

229 Earl Newton Thomas WWII

382 Ralph Everett Thompson WWII

115 Edsel Thurman WWII, Korea

117 Lloyd Dennis Thurman Korea

36 Mason B. Thurman Korea

114 Ray Thurman WWII

116 Tony Thurman Korea

409 Gary Toussaint Vietnam

410 Oliver Toussaint WWII

34 James W. Townsend, Sr. WWII

437 Joseph Vincent Trankina, Jr Korea

239 Wanda Turner WWII

307 Anthony E. Urbas WWII

308 Frank J. Urbas WWII

93 Mario D. Ursino WWII

72 Harry K. Vaughn  Vietnam

254 William Vaughn WWII

12 J. G. Walker WW I

13 J. W. Walker

14 Joseph A. Walker WWII

15 Joseph W. Walker Civil War

49 W. J. Walker WWII

82 W. B. Walker, Jr WWII

309 Jack T. Wall Korea

86 John Bell Wallace WWII

362 Haywood S. Waller WWII

411 William H. Walton II Vietnam

241 A. Milton Ward WWII

160 Douglas H. Watts WWII

412 Jasper G. Webb WWII, Korea

50 Charley Welch WWII

159 Robert E. Wehrle WWII

216 Paul L. Wells, Jr Korea

225 John V. Wessling WWII

310 Ross Doyle Wheeler Korea

74 James F. While Civil War

104 Lee White Korea

439 Richard S. White

96 William H. White WWII

345 Jack W. Whitener WWII

259 A. C. Wiggins, JR WWII

260 Stephen T. Wiggins WWII

413 Clark B. Williams WWII

217 James Reese Williams Korea

76 Lawrence Williams Revolutionary

135 William W. Williams WWII

455 Clarence Eugene Willison WWII

156 Frederick Frazier Wilson, Jr WWII

142 William H. Winters WWII

54 Everette Wood WWII

42 Charles A. Wright

218 I. O. Wright, Jr WWII

40 John E. Wright WW I

281 Thomas E. Yatsko Korea

489 Lewis A. Yockey WWII

189 Ellis, Dr. R. Young Civil War

490 Michael R. Zerbe  Vietnam

255 Eugene Dai Zovi WWII