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June 1 Council meeting to address tree canopy plan, alcohol ordinance


The City Council held a thorough meeting on Monday, June 1, in Milton's City Hall. Every vote that Council members took were unanimous, leading to the adoption of resolutions and ordinances related to alcohol-related businesses, golf carts and more.



Milton's next City Council meeting will be another historic one, with Council members and citizens returning to City Hall -- even as, at the same time, people can watch or participate via Zoom.  

The Monday, June 1, meeting -- which begins at 6 p.m. -- should also be significant given the issues under consideration. They include a possible Tree Canopy Ordinance and a rewrite of its alcohol-related Ordinance.

March was the last time that the City Council met in Council chambers. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted members to make their meetings "virtual" -- conducted via Zoom, with citizens able to participate on that platform or watch live on the City's Facebook page.

Recent positive trends related to this novel coronavirus has prompted the City, like the State of Georgia, to begin reopening up more aspects of its operations. Among them: once again holding in-person meetings, albeit with special safety precautions.

As this picture below shows, seats for Council members and citizens will be spaced out so everyone is at least 6 feet apart in accordance with CDC and State health guidelines. Anyone coming will be offered a mask; Gov. Brian Kemp, for one, has strongly encouraged Georgians to wear facial coverings especially in indoor spaces where they might encounter people from outside their households.  

In addition to enhanced cleaning of the Council chambers, agendas and pens will be placed on individual chairs so people don't have to grab them from one table.

Still, the City recognizes not everyone may be comfortable attending the meeting in person. Notably, Gov. Kemp's Executive Order continues a "shelter-in-place" for Georgians -- thus, Milton residents -- age 65 or older and/or with certain medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, or obesity.

For that reason, Monday's meeting will also be offered over Zoom so that people can offer "public comments." The meeting's Zoom link is


People can also submit "public comments" by emailing City Clerk Sudie Gordon at The comments should be a reasonable length and include the sender's name, address, and the relevant agenda item.

Residents can also watch Monday's meeting live on the City's Facebook page

To be informative and transparent, below are summaries of each item that will be up for consideration at the June 1 meeting. 

The first five are on the Consent Agenda. These are typically routine matters that are voted on unanimously in a single up-and-down vote. Other items are divided into other categories and will feature more in-depth discussion. 




  • Approval of the April 27, 2020, Regular City Council Meeting Minutes

This is to approve the "minutes" -- or official written record -- of the April 27 Regular Meeting of Milton's City Council, formally acknowledging them as accurate. The Council considered several items at the meeting, including splitting the costs with the State to build a fishing pier at Providence Park. Click HERE for a recap of the meeting. You can watch this meeting in its entirety by clicking HERE.



  • Approval of the Financial Statements and Investment Report for the Period Ending April 2020


The Council will vote whether or not to approve the City's financial statements and investment report for the month of April.



  • Approval of a Change Order Between the City of Milton and AT&T for Network Integration Services.

This relates to a contract between the City of Milton and AT&T for "network integration services" - specifically, burying 4-inch conduits underground from the right-of-way on Highway 9 to Milton's new Public Safety Center. This is needed so that fiber optic cables can be installed to supply Internet service for police officers and firefighters working out of the complex.

  • Approval of an Agreement between the City of Milton, Georgia and Invoice Cloud for Electronic Payment Processing Services.

 This item is to approve a City agreement with a company called Invoice Cloud for the processing of all payments for Milton permitting fees using the City's new software, CityView. Invoice Cloud is a preferred provider that is fully integrated into CityView. Currently, people must manually enter payment information into the City's software. Under this new system, that information would be entered automatically -- a more efficient process that also eliminates potential errors.


  •  Approval of Subdivision Plat and Revision.
Name of Development / Location
Comments / # lots
Total Acres
Excel Capital Construction
LL 1171 and 1172
12450 Charlotte Drive
Minor Plat
Create 2 Lots
0.47 / acre

Approval of this item would split a 4.25 acre property at 12450 Charlotte Drive into two separate, smaller lots.





  • Consideration to Adopt the Revised Milton Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance and Tree Conservation Manual.


The Council will consider a revision to Milton's Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance. This revision - as well as the related Tree Conservation Manual - comes after City staff worked closely with the Citizens Stakeholder Committee and Milton's Planning Commission. If adopted by the City Council, the Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance will take effect on August 1, 2020. Leading up to that date, City staff plan to explain the Ordinance through community educational events, posts on social media and the City's website, and flyers in the City Hall lobby. City staff will also start a tree planting initiative - "Plant Milton!" -- to enhance tree planting in Milton.



  • Consideration of An Ordinance of the Mayor and Council of the City of Milton, Georgia, To Adopt Amendments to the Fiscal 2020 Budget for the General Fund of the City of Milton, Georgia Amending the Amounts Shown as Expenditures, Prohibiting Expenditures to Exceed Appropriations, and Prohibiting Expenditures to Exceed Actual Funding Available.  

As the City budget is a dynamic rather than static plan, it requires amending from time to time. The proposed budget amendments enclosed are an update to the original Fiscal Year 2020 budget (which runs from October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020), which was adopted on September 23, 2019. This Ordinance reflects recent changes required by certain circumstances, opportunities, and recommendations.




  • Consideration of An Ordinance of the Mayor and Council of the City of Milton, Georgia, To Adopt Amendments to the Fiscal 2020 Budget for the General Fund of the City of Milton, Georgia Amending the Amounts Shown as Expenditures, Prohibiting Expenditures to Exceed Appropriations, and Prohibiting Expenditures to Exceed Actual Funding Available.  



This "Public Hearing" is held to explain the changes in detail related to the budget amendments mentioned in the item above and to allow for public input.




  • Consideration of Amendments to Chapter 32 of the Milton City Code, to    Prohibit the Use of Vaping Products on City-Owned Property.  



This is one of two items related to vaping on this meeting's agenda. This would affect Chapter 32 of the City Code -- i.e. the "Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions" chapter, which features general prohibitions on things like marijuana, drinking in public, indecency, and the like. If passed, vaping would be included with other forms of tobacco usage (such as smoked and smokeless tobacco) prohibited on City property. Since there was a "First Presentation" on this at the May 18 Council meeting, it will become law if and when the Council passes it Monday.



  • Consideration of Amendments to Chapter 34 of the Milton City Code, to Prohibit the Use of Vaping Products in City Parks and to Eliminate Article 3: Special Events.   

The second vaping item on the meeting's agenda affects Chapter 34 -- the part of the City code relating to "Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs." Essentially, the change will echo the Chapter 32 changes to prohibit vaping and other types of tobacco consumption in City parks. For clarity, a redundant special events regulation would be taken out of the Code. Like the related item above, it becomes official Monday if the Council approves.

  • Consideration of an Ordinance Authorizing the Conditional Operation of Personal Transportation Vehicles on Designated City Streets.

This proposed ordinance is related to the presentation delivered at a previous City Council work session, and also considered at the May 18 meeting. During the work session presentation, Chief Austin explained the State laws for these types of vehicles. The original plan was to merely utilize the State law as part of City guidelines for "personal transportation vehicles" (i.e. golf carts). However, after further discussion with the City's legal team, it was decided that a more prudent action would be to adapt the parameters of the State law through a local ordinance. As such, this Ordinance becomes official if and when the Council approves it on Monday. It would allow for golf carts to be driven on certain city streets. The golf carts would be subject to state regulations, since this ordinance basically mirrors the existing state law. Neighborhoods with privately maintained streets could still ban or allow golf carts, as Milton law enforcement officers do not have the authority to enforce basic traffic laws (with a few exceptions) or regulate traffic on privately maintained roadways. These types of vehicles would also still be prohibited from crossing state routes as indicated in the state law.

  • Consideration of RZ20-01 - Definitions Regarding Chapter 64 Zoning of the Code of the City of Milton, Georgia.
  • Consideration of RZ20-02 Sec. 64-395, Uses Prohibited in All Districts.
  • Consideration of RZ20-03 Sec. 64-752(1), Mixed Use District Permitted Uses.
  • Consideration of RZ20-04 Sec. 64-775(1), Sec. 64-775(2), Permitted and Accessory Uses in C-1 (Community Business) District.
  • Consideration of RZ20-05 Sec. 64-798(1), Sec. 64-798(2) Permitted and Accessory Uses in C-2 (Community Business) District.
  • Consideration of RZ20-06 Sec. 64-895(1), Sec. 64-895(2) Permitted and Accessory Uses in Community Unit Plan (CUP) District.
  •  Consideration of RZ20-07 Sec. 64-1112, Allowed Use Chart.
  • Consideration of RZ20-08 Sec. 64, Article XIX, Crabapple Form Based Code, 6-1 Definitions, Table 9.
  • Consideration of RZ20-09 Sec. 64, Article XX, Deerfield Form Based Code, 6-1 Definitions, Table 10.

These nine items listed directly above are all related, and they have been -- and will be -- presented to the City Council as such. For that reason, they'll be summarized as one here. They all pertain to Chapter 64, a.k.a. the Zoning chapter, of Milton's City Code. If approved, these would allow for new licenses and permits in the different commercial zones around Milton. This and the two subsequent items, related to Chapter 4, were prepared with assistance from the law firm Taylor English Duma to help make Milton a place where entrepreneurs with "cool" ideas can do business and spur economic development in the City.

  • Consideration of an Ordinance to Amend Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages of the Code of the City of Milton, Georgia.

This is a rewrite of the City's alcohol-related ordinance, as first presented to the City Council in February (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic). It would allow for several changes, including but not limited to:

  1. Adding temporary license fees and Sunday sales fees
  2. Allowing for breweries, micro-breweries, distillery, micro-distilleries, food halls, courtyard markets, craft beer and/or wine markets, city food markets, or growler shops
  3. Adjusting establishments' alcohol-to-food ratio from 50:50 to 70:30. Currently, at least half of a restaurant's revenues must come from food sales. This would allow as much as 70 percent of revenues to come from the sale of alcoholic beverages.
  4. Letting restaurants sell "incidental" package beer and wine
  5. Giving out two year pouring permits. Currently, permits must be renewed annually.
  6. Clearly defining farm wineries as offering Georgia wine only
  7. Allowing a "Limited Tap Establishment" to have an additional tap, for a total of 5 taps. Of these, the allowed beer (defined as "craft beer") will no longer have to have been brewed within 50 aerial miles of Milton
  8. Removing "happy hour" restrictions
  • Consideration of an Ordinance to Amend Appendix A, Section 4-52 Related to Chapter 4, Alcoholic Beverages of the Code of the City of Milton, Georgia.

This relates directly to the previous item, specifying some related fees associated with the amended Ordinance.





  • Consideration of a Resolution Appointing Members to the City of Milton Citizens Advisory Committee for the City of Milton 2040 Comprehensive Plan - The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC)



This resolution appoints members to the advisory committee that will dive into the development of the City of Milton's 2040 Comprehensive Plan -- a document that puts together the city's vision for the next several years and determines the community's goals and aspirations. The Comprehensive Plan regulates public policies on land use, housing, economic development, transportation, and other issues in accordance with the rules of Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Milton's next Comprehensive Plan is due to the state DCA in the fall of 2021.  The City of Milton, since its incorporation, has completed two Comprehensive Plans, the first in 2011 and the second in 2016.




  • Consideration of a Resolution to Enter Into a Cooperation Agreement Between the City of Milton and Fulton County to Continue Participation in the Fulton County Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) for the Program Years 2021, 2022, and 2023.


This resolution, if approved, would allow the City of Milton to participate in the Fulton County Urban County CDBG Program. Participation would permit the City of Milton to apply to Fulton County for funding for qualified projects and programs. Otherwise, the City of Milton may compete statewide through the Georgia State Department of Community Affairs (DCA) CDBG Program.



  • Consideration of a Resolution of the City of Milton Calling for the State of Georgia Fiscal Year 2021 Budget to Include Funding for New NOW/COMP Waiver Recipients.


This resolution, if approved, represents a formal call by the City of Milton encouraging the State of Georgia to fund NOW/COMP waiver recipients in the State's Fiscal Year 2021 budget. The New Options Waiver (known as NOW) and Comprehensive Waiver Program (COMP) are programs for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities, providing them with home- and community-based services. Currently, just over 12,000 Georgians with developmental disabilities are served by the State's NOW/COMP programs.