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Municipal Court

City of Milton Municipal Court

13000 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 107-E, Milton, GA 30004

The Court Services Department provides for the fair, courteous and efficient administration of justice under the municipal jurisdiction for the City of Milton.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Payments accepted from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 678.242.2525
Fax: 678.242.2520

Forms of payment

In person:

  • Cash
  • Money Order/Cashier's Check
  • Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover

Mail in:

  • Money Order/Cashier's Check
  • Online (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover)

Arraignments are held every Monday at 1:30 p.m. Cases are heard in the order that you check in. Please arrive in a timely manner.

Trials are held one Friday each month at 9 a.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a ticket from a Milton police officer. What do I do?

There is a court date listed on the citation. This is an arraignment date. You will be asked to enter a plea at this time. Please be on time for your appointed court date as the judge will give you a lot of valuable information at the opening of the court session.

Can I pay my ticket before the court date and keep from having to go to court?

If the violation is not a must-appear offense, you may pay the fine any time before the court date and avoid having to come to court. You may call the office to find out the amount of your fine, or pay it online using the link provided.

I was ordered to complete a Defensive Driving course. What are my options?

Online courses are not accepted by this court. You must attend a six-hour defensive driving course and bring the certificate of completion along with any fines owed to your court date. You may avoid appearing in court a second time by bringing the certificate and fines prior to your court date. The Department of Driver Services has a list of approved driving schools on their website.

Click here to see a list of approved driving schools.

What if I want ot plead not guilty and have a trial?

If you plead not guilty, you will be given the option of having a jury trial (in Fulton County State Court) or a non-jury trial by our judge here in city court. Your trial will not be on the arraignment day. You will be given another date so that all witnesses, including the officer, may be subpoenaed to testify in the trial.

What is a "must appear" offense?

"Must appear" offenses are those for which a defendant is required to appear before the judge in court. Examples include, but are not limited to, DUI, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, suspended license, suspended registration, aggressive driving, all city code violations, ALL UNDER 21 OFFENSES and no insurance.

How do I pay my fine?

Several different methods of payment are available. You may come into the office and pay with cash, money order, cashier's check by mail or a Visa or MasterCard. You also have the option of paying online via our Web site.

How do I get an attorney?

You may hire an attorney to represent your case and have the lawyer file an entry of appearance with the court. However, if you can not afford an attorney, you may be interviewed to see if you qualify under federal guidelines to have an attorney appointed to represent your case. 

How do I pick up an accident report?

Accident reports may be obtained through the Milton Police Department. Request a report now

How do I appeal the judge's decision?

If you do not agree with the judge's decision of your case, you may appeal it through the Superior Court of Fulton County. Contact the clerk's office in Fulton County Superior Court for further information.

How do I receive a trial by jury?

If you request a trial by jury, your case will be transferred to the Fulton County Superior Court. Only state misdemeanor charges can be transferred for jury trials. No city ordinance violations may be transferred; they must first be tried in City Court by operation of law.