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Fire-Rescue Department

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Fire Hose Training March 2020 (30)The Milton Fire-Rescue Department continually and constantly strives to make our community as safe as possible, protecting both people and property. We strive to provide the highest level of service to Milton citizens while continually working to improve our skills as an effective, responsive 21st century fire department.

In addition to traditional firefighting and paramedic services, we offer other programs aimed at educating, safeguarding and alerting the public. You can learn more about the Milton Fire-Rescue Department by reading our 2018 Annual Report

The Department consists of two broad categories: 1) administration (including training and the Fire Marshal) and 2) operations (including firefighters, EMTs and parademics). Within these, its members also conduct education campaigns and do extensive community outreach. You can follow the latest developments related to Milton Fire-Rescue on the Department's Facebook page, the City's Facebook page and the City's Twitter feed.

Contact Info and Stations

In an emergency: Call 911
In a non-emergency: Call 678-297-6300, Option No. 1 
To reach Fire administration: Call 678-242-2541
Email for general information: 


Milton firefighters work out of four stations. On August 24, some of its members will work out of the new Fire Station #44 at 13690 Highway 9, Milton GA 30074 in Milton's Public Safety Complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

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