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Land Development

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The purpose of Land Development (a division of Community Development) is to provide an orderly process to guide growth and development in conformance with the policies, regulations and procedures adopted by the Council for the betterment of the City of Milton.

Land Development Staff provides for the administration and enforcement of all land development, soil and erosion and construction codes and ordinances adopted by the City.  This includes the review of all land disturbance plans, as well as inspections for soil erosion and construction compliance.

Land Development Staff facilitates a safe, attractive and sustainable community by: Working in partnership with our citizens and community stakeholders to build a safe and beautiful city while preserving Milton's unique heritage; sharing knowledge through education and technology to encourage innovative development and design solutions; and providing and maintaining a safe, fulfilling and enriching environment for Staff that encourages open communication and participation.

If your project exceeds 1-acre of land disturbance, is within 200-feet of State Waters or creates over 5,000 sq. ft. of new impervious surface, a Land Development Permit is required.  Other situations exist that may require a permit, please contact Staff to ensure compliance with all City regulations before proceeding with any development.

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