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2012 to 2015 Strategic Plan

A few years ago, the citizens of North Fulton had the unique opportunity to create a new city in the state of Georgia.

On Dec. 1, 2006, the city was incorporated and has since worked to create its own model of governance.

Recognizing the importance of longer-term planning, the city set out to create its first strategic plan with hours of hard work, spirited debate and valuable input from residents, staff and elected officials. The result is a three-year strategic plan that establishes a direction and vision for the city.

This strategic plan covers three years: 2012 to 2015. Strategies were shaped around goals that could be reasonably completed in that time frame and at the same time complement the long-term Comprehensive Plan.

Implementation of these strategies was not specifically outlined so that each could be addressed in the city’s individual departmental plans. At the end of 2011, the department directors identified several action items for each of the strategies to be accomplished or started in 2012. At the end of 2012, action items were determined for the next year and tracked in the same manner. This process will be repeated each year of the 2012/2015 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Web site

The Strategic Plan Web site has been designed for the citizens of Milton. It will track and measure the goals and actions items for each year and show how the plan is performing overall. The Web site will be updated quarterly as elected officials and department directors assess the progress of the Strategic Plan.

Promote Equestrian Lifestyle

"Supporting both equestrian culture and community through preservation and promotion."

Action Item: Promote and Retain the Equestrian Culture and Community

  • Increase awareness of equestrian community
  • Include equestrian uses in the citywide trail plan
  • Co-sponsor equestrian-related events.
  • Establish infrastructure requirements and development standards that are equestrian-friendly

Ongoing Action Item

Increase awareness of the equestrian community.

The Milton Fire Department TLAER Program participates in the Earth Day and Milton Round Up events.The TLAER Program conducts mutual aid training with neighboring counties.

View the 2014 Report.

Protect and Preserve Open Space

"Actively promote the rural character of Milton through protection, preservation and acquisition of open space."

Action Item: Open Space Protection

  • Begin a “Greenspace Fund” for purchase of greenspace properties
  • Study the implementation of conservation subdivision regulations
  • Define a Rural Protection Area

Action Item: Open Space Preservation

  • Create an Open Space Preservation Plan
  • Develop a transfer of development rights policy

View the 2014 Report.

Build Relationships

"Build lasting relationships that create and maintain Milton's sense of community."

Action Item: Strengthen Public Relations

  • Increase marketing and promotion
  • Increase communication

Action Item: Bolster Community Collaboration

  • Foster and explore relationships with private entities to deliver services
  • Foster and explore new and existing public partnerships
  • Develop relationships with areas that might be under-represented, i.e. high density areas
  • Publish partnerships with local nongovernmental agencies and other governments
  • Continue outreach to horse community and other groups that enhance Milton’s unique nature

Action Item: Bolster Citizen Engagement

  • Develop programs to keep volunteer base engaged
  • Develop a Citizen Government Academy to educate on the function and capabilities of government
  • Continue to encourage diverse perspectives
  • Implement a Hometown Heroes program
Ongoing Action Items


Promote Milton to Milton.

  Web site, newsletter, email, mobile app, and RSS feed.

  • Continue to promote city’s attractiveness.
  • Keep citizens informed of Milton’s actions.
  • Promote community events.
  Web site, newsletter, email, mobile app, and RSS feed.
Communicate city’s goals at non-city/community events.   Attendance at non-city/community events. The Milton Gallop internal weekly review documents these events.
Foster and explore public partnerships.   The Parks and Recreation Department currently has partnerships to provide city programs such as fitness, basketball, volleyball, soccer and baseball programs. New opportunities are continually being explored.
Develop a volunteer base.   The Special Events Coordinator is building a database of volunteers. A Volunteer Appreciation Day is being planned for 2013.
Promote community events— art shows, concerts, lectures, family oriented events.   The Special Events Coordinator will continue to do promote community events.
Engage citizens through common social networks.   Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail
Publish Partnerships with local nongovernmental agencies and other governments.   This is done through the Annual ReportNewcomer's Guide and the City of Milton’s Web site
Promote and develop opportunities for citizen communication.   Milton’s Communication Manager is continually looking for additional ways to provide better citizen communication. This is currently being done through Facebook, Twitter, email press releases and monthly newsletter.
Continue outreach to horse community and other groups that enhance Milton’s unique nature.   Attendance at meetings for the Milton Horse Council and other groups.
Develop relationships with areas that might be under-represented, i.e. high density areas.   A representative from the Police Department makes “Lunch and Learn” presentations to HOAs, conducts a Citizen Academy and Drug Take Back program.

View the 2014 Report.

Structure Economic Development

"Create a climate for economic success."

Action Item: Plan for Sustainable Growth

  • Conduct business development outreach
  • Plan for appropriate growth
  • Track and publish growth statistics
  • Provide initiatives to promote development of commercially zoned areas that are vacant in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan

Action Item: Promote and Support Local Business

  • Promote Milton businesses to Milton residents and other Milton businesses
  • Promote the city for business and real estate opportunities


Ongoing Action Items

Plan for Sustainable Growth

Coordinate as required with county, regional, or state entities with respect to legislation or external funding that may impact or support economic development efforts in Milton.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Establish individual relationships with the leadership of large business enterprises to stay abreast of what can be done to build and maintain an effective public-private partnership.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Work with the Communications Department to enhance Economic Development Web presence.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Work to enhance the public perception of, and confidence in, our local government. Work will begin on developing marketing material about Milton and Milton businesses to make available to the public.

Plan for Sustainable Growth

Participate in various local and regional events in an effort to build a network of relationships, spread the good news of Milton, and identify opportunities to match the needs of our community with potential business entities.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Work to improve the involvement of the under-represented segments of our citizens and business community in an effort to identify new opportunities such as affordable housing.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Work with various elements of the business community to identify how Milton government can improve or enhance its relationship with business or provide for a more effective business-friendly environment. Economic Development Manager will partner with the Milton Business Alliance to determine who works in Milton and where they live.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Work with landlords, developers and real estate professionals to identify space available, and the attributes of that space, for the potential of attracting new businesses or expanding existing enterprises.

Plan for Sustainable Growth

Work collaboratively with all county departments in the pursuit of effective economic development and to assess the natural, cultural, recreational, educational and man-made resources/infrastructure in the community that can foster or support economic development.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Establish ongoing dialogue and collaborative relationships with the leadership and economic development counterparts in neighboring jurisdictions.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Promote Milton for business and real estate opportunities.

Promote and Support Local Businesses

Provide initiatives to promote development of commercially zoned areas that are vacant in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.

View 2014 Report

Provide Responsible & Responsive Government

"Provide quality services in a fiscally responsible environment while maximizing resources."

Action Item: Engage in Proactive Planning

  • Review and update existing ordinances
  • Study Best Practices of other organizations
  • Follow the Comprehensive Plan
  • Continue to evaluate city facilities
  • Develop and implement a Parks and Recreations Comprehensive Plan
  • Update and begin implementation of a city-wide trail plan
  • Develop programs, activities, and events based on the 2010 Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment
  • Develop and implement an infrastructure plan

Action Item: Provide Quality Services

  • Emphasize customer service
  • Make services easily accessible and efficient
  • Determine service standards for each department
  • Ensure open access to all government documents

Action Item: Seek Innovative Funding Strategies

  • Research new grant opportunities
  • Evaluate current fee structure and study user fees
  • Identify sustainable revenue sources
  • Evaluate revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Plan capital improvements funding source
Ongoing Action Items

Build upon the positive attributes of the different areas of Milton

Save historic structures in Crabapple. The Historic Preservation Commission has given staff a priority listing of structures for historic designation. The proposed boundary lines for the historic district in Crabapple are being finalized. The HPC will work on identifying and prioritizing historic structures within the boundary lines. Also, the Hopewell House’s historic nomination form is being reviewed by the State Historic Presentation Office as the first step of historic designation.

Engage in proactive planning

Develop programs, activities, and events based on the Parks and Recreation needs assessment.

Seek innovative funding strategies

Research new grant opportunities. Grants will be pursued as departments hear about them.

Provide quality services

Provide professional development opportunities.

Provide quality services

Recruit and retain highly qualified staff.

Provide quality services

Utilize technology infrastructure to add efficiency.

View the 2014 Report.