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Milton Equestrian Committee (MEC)

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The Milton Equestrian Committee considers matters of important to the city's equestrian community. Its existence reflects the importance the City places on supporting, maintaining and embracing Milton's rich equestrian heritage.   

Equestrian Committee meetings take place the third Wednesday of each month, starting at 7 p.m., typically in the Community Place building next to City Hall. 

Please see the City Calendar for the most current meeting information. And click below for contact information for Equestrian Committee members and its City Liaison, Courtney Spriggs.


Julie Shannon At-Large Appointed by Joe Lockwood
Chrissy Reeves District 1, Post 1      Appointed by Peyton Jamison
Susan Day District 1, Post 2 Appointed by Carol Cookerly
Brian Maloney District 2, Post 1 Appointed by Laura Bentley
Susan Kimball District 2, Post 2 Appointed by Paul Moore
Tony Rich District 3, Post 1 Appointed by Joe Longoria
Larry Covington      District 3, Post 2 Appointed by Rick Mohrig


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