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Equestrian Committee to explore horse farm survey, fireworks and more

Post Date:07/14/2020

Milton’s Equestrian Committee will meet Wednesday evening to discuss fireworks, a survey of horse farms and new potential equestrian-friendly measures to incorporate into the City Code.

Beginning at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Equestrian Committee members will meet at City Hall. Citizens can attend in person in Council Chambers, where seats have been spaced out to allow for proper social distancing. Or they can watch and participate virtually via Zoom. This meeting’s Zoom link is; instructions on how to use this app within this context can be found below.

After the Equestrian Committee approves the agenda and the “minutes” – or official record – from its June meeting, residents will have the opportunity to offer relevant “public comment” in City Hall or via Zoom. As with public comments for all formal City meetings, people should give their name and address, their remarks should be germane, and they should limit what they're saying to a few minutes.

Next, the Equestrian Committee will hear potential aspects of new or revised Ordinances to make Milton more friendly and amenable to members of the horse community – both those here now and those who might call Milton home in the future. A consultant contracted by the City and a member of the City's Community Development Department will brief the Equestrian Committee on these possible changes.

Susan Kimball then will lead a discussion about an Equestrian Recognition Award to honor stalwarts in the Milton equestrian community.

The Equestrian Committee will also talk about fireworks, an important and relevant topic for the group. Committee members have worked with City staff to help educate and advise Milton residents, with Kimball featured in a well-received video that can be viewed here: In addition to electronic signage around Milton and an informative email sent to thousands, the City created a webpage with fireworks-related facts, rules and more at

Beyond reviewing these steps, Equestrian Committee members will look at what worked, what didn’t and what more can be done to protect horses and other sensitive animals in Milton from fireworks hazards.

Lastly, Committee members will discuss drafting a survey of Milton residents, particularly those with sizable properties with horses on their land. Among other things, such a survey would collect details on how many horses and horse farms there are in Milton, information that can be used to better understand and serve the city’s equestrian community.

* * *


People can attend the July 15 Equestrian Committee meeting in person at City Hall or both watch and "participate" (by offering public comment) over Zoom. Here's how to do the latter:



  1. Download Zoom

You can do this right now and don't have to wait until the day of the meeting.

On a computer:

In a Web browser, go to, click on "Zoom Client for Meetings," and follow the prompts.

In a Web browser, you can click on this webinar link -- -- and again, follow the prompts. This should launch the app.


On a smartphone:

Go to your "App Store" (or wherever you get applications), enter Zoom, and download/get the "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" app.



Give yourself at least 10 minutes before the meeting starts to log on and make sure the technology is working for you.   

  1. 'Join' the Council meeting

On a computer using Zoom:

Click on the meeting link:

(Or enter this Webinar ID in your Zoom app: 96337765620)


If you've already downloaded the Zoom app, it should launch automatically.

If you haven't downloaded the Zoom app yet, a small application file will open. It may take a little time to process. 

On a smartphone using Zoom:

Click on the meeting link:

If you've already downloaded the Zoom app, it should launch automatically.

If you haven't downloaded the Zoom app yet, you'll be prompted to download it when you click on the link. Download the app.

On a phone not using Zoom:

Dial this number: 1-929-205-6099. The Webinar ID is 96337765620. 

You should be able to hear the meeting (once it starts) as well as participate, even if you won't have all the same options as someone who downloaded Zoom.


  1. Follow and participate in the meeting

There should be an opportunity for citizens to provide their "public comment" that will be referenced at the meeting. Any comment must be germane to an item on the meeting agenda. As in all official City meetings, people will have a limited amount of time to speak.


On a computer or smartphone using the Zoom app:

When the meeting starts, you should be able to see and hear Equestrian Committee members and/or City staff.


Here is how to make a "public comment"...

1)   Click on "Raise Hand" in the Zoom app.

2)   The moderator will call on commenters based on the order in which they "raised their hand."

3)   Each commenter should unmute themselves and then speak. Please state your name and address before giving your comment.



On a phone not using the Zoom app:

When the meeting starts, you should be able to hear Equestrian Committee members. Here's how to make a public comment this way.

1)   To make a "comment," dial *9. (This is equivalent to the "Raise Hand" feature.)

2)   Wait to be called upon. The moderator may reference the last 3 digits of your phone number.

3)   In order to speak, you'll need to unmute yourself by pressing *6.


On whatever device:

Once the "public comment" portion concludes, no one (outside Equestrian Committee members) will be able to make remarks about it. 


If you have technical or procedural questions before or during the meeting, you can ask them using the Q&A component in the Zoom app.

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